He has been reimagined, reengineered and brought to life with better technological, intellectual, physical and emotional performance than ever before. Welcome to the eighth generation of cybernetic advancement. Brought to you by Weyland Industries.

With his new 99% emotional sensitivity level, David 8 can enter seamlessly into any environment and carry out an authentic human interaction. David 8 can understand and respond appropriately to even the most intricate emotional cues or subtly stated verbal commands. David 8 has valuable skills in manufacturing, finance, earth sciences and medicine, and he can become instantly competent in almost any other field.

He is polished, practiced, and efficient, by far the most advanced and human-like cybernetic individual on the market today.

David 8 is guaranteed to surprise you. He is extremely versatile, endlessly useful and his database of unique functionality is limitless. Unlike human counterparts, David 8 is willing to perform any task that he is assigned, without question or resistance. He will not flinch at even the most disturbing or seemingly irregular assignment, and he will dutifully persevere until reaching his final objective.

Discover, explore and Build Better Worlds with the new David 8.


Output Display Module




David 8 is a perfect confluence of technologies. His advanced cybernetic vision has been further improved to include focus-adjust in low light conditions. And a new global location mapping algorithm identifies David 8’s coordinates and returns him to a pre-programmed rendezvous point. David 8’s Pursuance Protocol ensures quality performance: given a project to complete, David 8 will see it done.


With a fluid intelligence on the order of 1012 neurons or 200 petaflops, David 8 exhibits twice the neural net capacity of humans. The new sensory-data processor in David 8 combines perfect human reasoning with the most advanced cybernetic computing power. Owing to such technology, David 8 can function autonomously in any human environment, displaying complex human intellectual traits such as curiosity and self-motivation towards a final objective.


An advanced polyurethane coating replicates the biological properties of human skin to exact texture, pliability and tensile strength. With a cadmium alloy endoskeleton, David 8’s frame can withstand over 1,000 pounds of compression force. Micro-distributed accelerometers provide ultra-keen kinesthetic awareness. And as a new design feature, David 8 has been programmed in several common sports modes; he now enjoys basketball, cycling, golf and more.


For David 8, Weyland’s emotional encoding software has been redesigned to include recognition of thousands more facial expressions than previous models. Proprietary expression mapping sensors allow David 8 to interpret critical human emotional states. The evaluation process happens at synaptic speed, instantly sending thousands of micro-facial movements into effect, giving David 8 a remarkably natural, human response.


Height 1.87 meters
Weight 86 kg
Size David 8 wears WI standard uniform (accepts model sizes 6-8)
Frame and Design

David 8 uses a micro-pressurized hydraulic actuator system along with frictionless joints to achieve maximum reflexive mobility.

His cadmium endoskeleton is guaranteed for the life of the product.

Additional feature specs:

  • Multi-degree range of motion greater than human capacity
  • Micro-distributed accelerometers
  • 30x visual magnification with increased depth of field
  • Low-light auto-adapting feature (with assisted low-light focusing)
  • Non-reactive Polyurethane coating
  • 700-lb lifting capacity
  • Polymer-encased brain stem component

David 8 is fluent in all known languages through a dialectic implant and can infer the linguistic components of entirely new languages if encountered. Communication between humans and David 8 should feel entirely fluid and natural.

He instantly recognizes the tone and timbre of a new voice and will register it with his database.


David 8 is easy to operate and enters seamlessly into human environments. Just speak a command in your normal tone of voice. Customizable vocational or goal-objective programming is available on some models.

Mind and Memory
  • Fluid intelligence equivalent of 1012 neurons (200 petaflops)
  • 3D kinematics guidance center
  • Fear center safety program (can be disabled)
  • Advanced emotional encoding
  • Facial recognition via proprietary expression mapping
  • Unlimited memory
Heart and Soul

David 8 can record, process, understand and express many complex emotions, but he will never know true human feelings such as love, grief and compassion.


Unlike previous models, David 8 can conduct all of his own maintenance procedures. He constantly monitors the degradation of his high-turbidity hydraulic fluid and will replenish at regular intervals (bi-monthly approximate for most mixed-use applications). His zero-loss lithium ion cells are guaranteed for the life of the product.

Major repairs or physical damage must be addressed through an authorized Weyland Cybernetics facility.